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    Fresh, quality cuts of meat
  • Steaks on a cutting board
    Free range and pasture-fed

Free Parking

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Our customers may park in the lot between E. Uhler and E. Oxford, behind our store for free for up to two hours!

Weekly Sausages

This week's sausages. Available every week starting late WEDNESDAY afternoon, until they are gone.


Sweet Italian - a more-or-less traditional Italian sausage - pork, salt, pepper, bell peppers, basil, oregano, parsley, fennel seed, red onion, red chile flake, allspice, white wine

Peach & Feta - sort of inspired by a salad - pork, salt, white & yellow peaches, Bulgarian sheep's milk feta, fresh mint, hot honey, brown sugar, allspice, nutmeg [CONTAINS (SHEEP'S MILK) DAIRY]

Port City Brat - a mild sausage, mostly modeled after a traditional bratwurst, but made with local beer - pork, salt, sugar, mustard, garlic, sage, mace, nutmeg, Port City Porter [CONTAINS WHEAT]

Chorizo Rojo  - a slightly spicy pork sausage made with lots of aromatic chiles - pork, salt, pepper, Chile Ancho, Chile Pasilla, Chile Seco, Chile Pasilla de Oaxaca, garlic, coriander, Mexican oregano, cumin, allspice

Kimchi Bacon  - funky, salty, smokey, spicy, yum  - pork, salt, vegan kimchi, Neuske's Bacon, sake, gochugaru

Lebanese Beef a mildly seasoned, fragrant; serve it on a bun with tahini or yogurt and pomegranate molasses- beef, salt, pepper, mint, cumin, allspice, cinnamon, bulgur wheat, olive oil [CONTAINS WHEAT]

Green Chile Chicken - a chicken chorizo made with chiles from our friend Bruce's garden - chicken, salt, Yellow Jalapeños, Poblano chile, parsley, cilantro, garlic, Mexican oregano, coriander, cumin, cinnamon, allspice

Please note this isn't meant to be a comprehensive allergen warning. We work in a very small space with a lot of ingredients. Cross-contamination is always possible. If you have concerns, please speak to one of the butchers.

Your Neighborhood Butcher Shop

We know our customers are concerned about the quality of the food they feed their family.

We focus on providing the best meat and poultry, and we try to buy from local suppliers whenever possible. We've built strong relationships with our suppliers to ensure that you get the highest quality meat and poultry available at the most reasonable prices.

  • All of our meat is humanely raised and processed.
  • All our beef is pasture-raised and hormone and steroid free. Some of our favorite beef comes from Seven Hills Food, Roseda Farm, and Creekstone.
  • Hey, West Coasters! WE CARRY BEEF TRI TIP.
  • We source heritage pork from Cheshire Heritage Farms and D’Artagnan. We also source Berkshire pork from Green Hill Farm, Long Stone Farm, and D’Artagnan.
  • Our chicken comes from Murray’s Chicken, Green Circle, and Blackbird Co-op; we also carry free-range poultry from a variety of local suppliers.
  • Our relationship with South Mountain Creamery allows us to bring you milk from free range Jersey cows that have never been given hormones or steroids.
  • Check out our fantastic selection of seasonings and rubs from Dizzy Pig.
  • We stock a variety of exotic woods for smoking from Fruita Wood; call to see what's in the shop today!
  • We sharpen knives. Bring your dull knives in for a tune up! 
  • We also have delicious farm fresh eggs and Neuske's Bacon from Wisconsin (which we know isn't local; the bacon is just that good).