About Us

Pork chop with seasoning

We know our customers are concerned about the quality of the food they feed their families, because we ourselves are a family-owned business with strong ties to the Del Ray and greater Alexandria communities. Our goal to is supply YOU, our friends and neighbors, with real food sourced from real farms, dairies, and craftspeople. We focus on providing fresh meat and poultry from farmers and suppliers whom we know and trust, and we try to support local businesses and endeavors whenever possible. Our strong relationships with our suppliers ensure that you get the highest quality meats at the most reasonable prices.

Almost all our meat is hormone and antibiotic free, and humanely raised outdoors on pastures. We're just happier that way. And any of our associates is always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Let’s Meat on the Avenue has an inviting, small neighborhood charm. Our chalk board announces the day’s specials, an array of sauces and condiments line the shelves, and inside one window, an antique butcher block holds a basket of smoked marrow bones - a favorite treat of Del Ray's discriminating dog community.  Carlos, James, or Taylor can often be seen through the other window grinding fresh hamburger, and are always available to chat about favorite cuts or recipes. Come on in and pay us a visit!